Top Sex Tourism Spots In The World


There are plenty of reasons to travel. Maybe you want to see someplace new or different. Maybe you are interested in historic artifacts or places of beauty. Sometimes, you just want to go someplace where you can have sex with a prostitute. Hey, no one’s judging anyone here. Okay, we’re all judging. Anyway, here are the greatest places to travel for sex tourism.

Sex tourism can encompass a lot of things. It could be sex toys, sex shows or flat out prostitution. After all, it is the oldest of all professions. Essentially, those who are looking for sex are flocking to these places to satisfy their needs. The flipside is that sex tourism can come from dark places. Most prostitution is still illegal and run by shady people. Also, sex tourism leads to sexual exploitation of children, child trafficking and even sex slavery. Important to keep this in mind, it’s not exactly a victimless crime.

For countries with multiple cities (see: India) I used the biggest or best known for sex tourists. In other cases, the whole country embraces sex for money (see: Japan). There are third world countries, European powers and of course Tijuana, because Tijuana. Most of these countries internally have come to accept sex tourism, even if condemned on the outside or public sentiment. Regardless, if you are looking to ensure you get laid on your next trip here are your top places to visit for sex tourism.

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