Shocking Facts About Secret Organizations


There are few things better than a secret society. Part of this is because they are secretive and part is in the process of becoming a member and the people who make up the society. Often religion or politics are at the heart of these organizations, but sometimes it’s unity. In rare cases, revenge…a secret society out for revenge? Yeah, there are few things better. This list looks at ten of the most famous secret societies and what they are really all about.

This group is made of historic societies that have stood the test of time as well as some that served their purpose and then dissolved. A few of these secret societies have made positive contributions while others breed hate. Just missing the list are The Scotch Cattle, a group of Welsh miners that created a secret society in the 1800s with the purpose of improving poor working conditions. They operated by sending warnings; if ignored, they would show up dressed in cow skins and destroy the enemy’s property. They would always leave behind a painted red bull’s head. You always need to leave your mark. This group disbanded after trade unions were formed.

Bizarre, sexual and humorous, you can find whatever you want in secret societies. Here are shocking facts about ten secret societies.

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