Reasons The Simpsons Should End Already


In the late eighties few families had personal computers. There was no Internet, no email and no cell phones (rich dick guy holding “the brick” doesn’t count). This was when The Simpsons first entered our living rooms. Since, there have been several acts of war, the Red Sox won a World Series and we have transformed into an age of digital society. Still, The Simpsons continues to put out new episodes. All good things must come to an end; it’s time to end The Simpsons.

The best part about ending the show will of course be how it ends. Maybe Fat Tony is involved and everything “goes black” scenario, or maybe there is finally that nuclear meltdown in Springfield we’ve been waiting for. Maybe the Simpsons go to East St. Louis and get murdered by a gang. See, the possibilities are endlessly fun.

No show has become as integrated in pop culture as The Simpsons. What started off as a few rude Bart Simpson catch phrases transformed into what we measure pop culture against. That’s impressive; however, no one denies the show peaked many years ago and has been on the decline. The good news is that The Simpsons is still regarded as one of the greatest shows of all time. In order to preserve that status they need to end the show now. Here are ten reasons The Simpsons should end.

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