I Just Ate Two 99 Cent IKEA Breakfast Specials, Am I Going To Die?…OWR Wednesday Mailbag!


Welcome to the Wednesday OWR Mailbag! Have a question about betting, sports, pop culture or tacos? This week we cover the Triple Crown, juicing and the IKEA breakfast. Email us at mailbag@onlinewagerreview.com.

How does American Pharaoh stack up against past Triple Crown winners?

The problem here of course is there’s too much time between. Sure, we know Secretariat was better, but what about the others. It’s fun to argue, but impossible to know how Ken Griffey Jr. compared to Mickey Mantle and Tom Brady to Joe Namath. Unless of course we’re discussing most dreamy eyes, then it’s Namath by a wink!

My dog (black lab) has been averaging four number twos a day for the past week. In the past he his average is two a day. Does he has extra food stashed somewhere?

Maybe he has a secret cellar that’s just full of bones and at night he leaves the bed to eat bones for three hours straight. How did the bones get there? That’s really the question. Anyway, you should really get your dog a check-up to make sure he’s okay. If he is healthy then good for him (and his bone stash_ and for Christ sake please look away when he’s doing his business – even dogs appreciate a little privacy.

If LeBron beats Golden State is he the greatest of all time?

In short, no, but let me explain where I see James. First, I get it. He has NO ONE to help him. This is as close to 1 vs. 5 as you can get. In comparing to all-time greats I can only measure modern era players. Also, I’m not including Bird and Magic because there’s something too transcendent and was a time of transformation for the league…again very difficult to measure. Essentially we are left with James, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Bryant and Jordan never won a NBA Finals playing 1 vs. 5, both had capable second and third bananas. My take is if Cleveland wins James moves ahead of Bryant, but still trails Jordan. James also gets “greatest Finals performance of all-time”, but not yet greatest player, that’s still Jordan who was 6-0 in the Finals.

I just ate two 99 cent IKEA breakfast specials. Am I going to die?

Probably not (80 percent chance not), but you should definitely plan not be far from a bathroom for the next 48 hours. IKEA food isn’t that bad (note: no research whatsoever backing up this statement) so you should be okay. Just don’t have a double 99 cent breakfast, shop and then follow-up with the Swedish meatball platter for lunch. Two IKEA meals in one day? You. Will. Die.

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