The Broken Guru Review and Interview

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Any band with the motto “I Don’t like my future” is usually right up my alley and Broken Guru didn’t disappoint. This trio, from Queens, New York (Rich Guerzon, Ray Fiero and Christy Fiero), has a new album that hits rock and roll at its core. (Review coming soon!) I was lucky enough to have this band discuss their new album, their writing process and of course, favorite drinks!

(Examiner): Let’s start with your new release Bent Up Halo, how does it feel to release this album?
(Broken Guru): It is a very rewarding feeling to see an idea come to fruition. The whole process from writing the material, rehearsing, recording, mixing, mastering, designing the CD art and then replicating is time and energy consuming. Seeing and hearing the final product is beyond words.

Your sound is classic, yet unique. Who are your influences?
We are influenced by anything that has happened since the Gregorian chant. I have lived on a healthy diet of Beatles, 60’s garage rock bands like the Sonics, current retro 60’s band like the Silversun Pickups to name a few. Our life experiences are our true influences.

I really like “Plight of Imemine”, but maybe that’s just because it is the first track and caught me off guard. What tracks are your favorites and are there any particular tunes you are looking forward to playing live?
‘Behind The Mouth’ and ’28 Cents’ are our most unique songs. I love performing the more aggressive songs like ‘Got To Be Mean’ and ‘Like A Whore’ live, just because of the energy they create.

What was the writing process for this album? Does the hook/chorus come first or melody or just ideas?
As an artist inspiration comes from a variety of sources. When I am inspired I try to let the ideas out without over thinking them, whether it’s a riff, melody of lyric. Then it’s like a puzzle, let me try these to ideas together. Some songs happen fast, while others take longer. The process is be free, don’t hold back, break all the rules, experiment, be you.

Let’s shift gears; you are a New York City band. What is your favorite NYC neighborhood?
NYC is one big neighborhood for us. We have lived here all all our lives, so it’s like our backyard. We enjoy Greenwich Village, Soho, the East Village, Dumbo and Williamsburg. There is so much going on at one time, you just have to decide what interest you. As a band we probably do spend more time in the East Village area, performing or checking out other bands.

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Meet Broken Guru, a Jane’s Addiction meets White Stripes bastard child from Forest Hills, Queens, New York City. Their self-released album, Bent Up Halo, is a mix of garage, psychedelic and classic blues rock. Note that this is a trio, and true to point, most rock trios are pretty awesome. Judging from the video for “Behind The Mouth” this band is made up of a “cool” member, resident “bad ass” and the mysterious one. Okay, yes, the drummer (Fiero) is the mysterious one.

The first track, “Plight of Imemine”, hits you in the chest with Izzy Stradlin like guitars and vocals that live up to the their psychedelic label. Take away the top layer and you have yourself a slice of groovy rock with a modern spin pie. Also, the song clocks in under 2:30 – that’s a punk attitude at it’s best! The second track, “28 Cents”, gets sexy dangerous and then you listen to “Monster Inside” and start to realize this album is just getting better and better.

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