Trifecta Thursday: Can American Pharoah Win The Triple Crown?


We never learn, do we? if last year taught us anything it’s that no, we will never see another Triple Crown winner. I mean California Crown was such a lock and failed how can we ever trust another favorite at the Belmont Stakes?

The problem is three-fold, first, there will be “fresh” horses that have not had the grueling ride of the first two legs of the Triple Crown. Second, the track is much longer so horses that win the first two legs (shorter tracks) run out of gas on the longer (mile and a half) track at Belmont. Finally, it’s REALLY FUCKING HARD to win three high profile races in a row! There’s a reason we haven’t seen a Triple Crown winner in a million years (note: estimate) and may never see another one in our lifetime.

Check out the counterpoint (why AP will win) and more at


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