Where Will Bill Simmons Land? Mailbag Time!


Welcome to the Wednesday OWR Mailbag! Have a question about betting, sports, pop culture or tacos? This week we cover the Clippers, white wine and the “rape sandwich” otherwise known as a hoagie. Email us at mailbag@onlinewagerreview.com.

Last week I was in Vegas…hold on. I was there with my 2 year old son. Still, I was hoping to get some time at the Flamingo (where I stayed) Sports Book and write a post about it. Instead I found that the Flamingo Sports Book is nothing much. It’s essentially my living room. Of course they are quick with the free drinks, so maybe it is better! Anyway, I was able to get out for 1 hour and I didn’t run to the sports book; instead, headed for roulette, the devil’s game. On to the questions…

Did we just witness the window closing on the Clippers?

You have to think Chris Paul’s years are numbered. Clearly the Clippers need a third guy to team up with Paul and Blake Griffin. Can they convince Jimmy Butler to leave more money and the city of Chicago behind? I doubt it and believe they will target Monta Ellis which will have a 50 percent chance of providing the extra juice needed and a 50 percent of ending their reign.

I need some help, is it a submarine (or sub), grinder or hero?

I think this is mostly regional, but I have used all three. To me, a grinder or hero is usually hot and contains either meatballs or chicken cutlets. A sub is cold cuts with lots of mayo and pickles. You could even through in “hoagies”, but I won’t. I associate hoagies with The Cosby Show (he would always try to eat giant hoagies). Now if someone offers me a sandwich with this name I automatically assume they are attempting to drug and rape me.

I’m taking out a girl that seems to like sports, what is the perfect date sporting event?

Probably not hockey, but also no nose bleed seats. Is this the best you can do? Sporting event dates are not a great idea for first dates. Unless of course she drinks. Does she drink? If yes, you should be fine. We should all be so lucky to find a nice girl who drinks.

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