10 Cars You Don’t Want Your Boyfriend Driving


It’s not all about size, or looks, and is usually not about the car you drive. However, sometimes the car you drive can cost you the girl. The good news about owning one of these cars is not being bothered with picking up discarded panties after date night. No worries there! Here are ten cars you don’t want your boyfriend driving.

Now hold on, this isn’t about money. There’s modesty to someone driving a beat up car or weathered truck. Even small, compact cars work for some girls, they show you are sensitive to the environment and may be the same to their needs.

Honorable mention goes to the Yugo. It’s hard to find these around anymore, but I’m sure there are some guys who think it’s cool to own one. These are the same guys who take girls to Star Wars movies on first dates. This ride was never cool and worse, it was a piece of junk. During the “hey day” of the Yugo there was a fifty percent chance your date would end on the side of the road due to a breakdown. No one ever said, “That Yugo was the best purchase ever.”

We’ve got small cars, big cars and just plain ugly cars. Some are cheap and some are expensive. What they all have in common is that no matter what you look like the odds of getting laid decrease if you pull up in one of these rides. Here you are girls, the ten cars you don’t want your boyfriend driving.

Check out the full list at TheRichest.com


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