Low Budget Rock Videos Rule!


Unless you make hip hop videos, the days of big budget videos are pretty much gone. This week a couple rock bands release effective videos on a budget. Hip hop videos do rule though: lots of money, cars and women…

UK Rockers, The Burning Crows, have released a video for their single, “Shine.” The single is from an album that should be in the running for Album Title Of The Year: ‘Murder At The Gin House.’ The video is a straight forward, limited cash flow budget rock video. Was this shot in the basement of The Gin House? Why is it called The Gin House? Going out on a limb here and assuming this band gets laid, a lot! Also, assuming they drink a lot of gin…

Kickin Valentina have just released a video for “Wrong Way.” The single is from their second album titled ‘Super Atomic.’ Initial impression is that these are bad men. This band wears their Lemmy influence on their sleeveless tees. Another low budget, but effective video. You watch this video and you either want to hear more, or not and I guess that’s the point. Regardless, you will probably consider putting together your own Motorhead influenced band because everyone should try this at home…

Check out the videos and more at MetalUnderground.com


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