#8 NBA Playoff Fights are Faaaantastic! OWR Friday Pop Culture Rankings!


Each week OWR ranks the best of Pop Culture. Have comments nominations or comments? Email the OWR mailbag: mailbag@onlinewagerreview.com.

10. CeeLo

Dude knows how to ruffle feathers returned to The Voice; greatest CeeLo moment is the American Dad “Hot Tub” episode.

9. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

Why does everyone forget boxing is fixed?

8. NBA Playoff Fights!

7. MLB Bench Clearing Brawls!

Especially when guys from the bullpen have to run from the outfield…the best.

6. Justin Bieber

Still stays in the news. Now Zoolander?

5. Fresno, CA

Most polluted city in U.S., congratulations!

4. Billy Donovan

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