Most Overrated Celebrity Chefs


Celebrity chefs are a major force in pop culture today. Sometime during the last ten years it has become unbelievably cool to be a chef. An industry once dominated by chain-smoking alcoholics is now being overrun by wannabe Gordon Ramsay and Guy Fieri types. The trailblazers in this list have led the way. Unfortunately, the spotlight has either inhibited their ability to cook, or worse, they were never actually a great chef. This is a look at the ten most overrated celebrity chefs out there.

The celebrity chef lifecycle starts with television, either as a cameo, judge or contestant on a cooking reality show. Next they get their own cooking show and become known more as a personality than an actual chef. Some in this list have gone on to host game shows and get paid to talk about anything but cooking food.

Just missing the list is Nadia Giosia, known as Nadia G., is the host of Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchin and Bit This With Nadia G. Important to note: being sassy doesn’t automatically make you a great chef, or even a good one. Eddie Huang is often referred to as a great celebrity chef, but he is really just more of an entrepreneur, an ex-attorney that learned the restaurant business. A good back-story (stand-up comic and drug dealer) doesn’t make you a great chef.

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