What Would Happen If LeBron James Pulled a Gun on Kevin Love? OWR Wednesday Mailbag!


Welcome to the Wednesday OWR Mailbag! Have a question about betting, sports, pop culture or tacos? This week we cover the Kentucky Derby, a potential Goodfellas sequel and LeBron James gun scenarios. Email us at mailbag@onlinewagerreview.com.

LeBron James pulls a gun on Kevin Love in the locker room. Does he get to play in the playoffs?

So we’re talking hypothetical here, right? James may be competitive, but he’s also smart. This isn’t Gilbert Arenas here; this is one of the greatest players of all time. However, let’s pretend Love starts taking 20+ shots, refusing to share the ball and openly discusses playing for the Lakers next season. If James had enough and threatened Love with a gun this would be a difficult situation and without an easy solution. My guess is that if there was any “wiggle room” the NBA would find a way to keep LeBron on the court. Maybe Kyrie Irving asked James to “hold the gun” for him. That seems more plausible. Both would get two-game suspensions and because it’s the Eastern Conference, still make the finals.

Kentucky Derby Advice, What Do You Got?

I’m okay with saying I have no idea and anyone who believes they know something are probably full of shit. Here’s the only fact I base my Kentucky Derby Picks on: Since 1980 only 4 favorites have won the race.  Don’t pick the favorite.

My Friends (3 guys in late twenties) are planning a trip to Europe and want to go to a city with a great bar scene.  Any suggestions?

I’ve been luck to hit a few cities; however, there are many more I haven’t been to. (Note: Anyone with suggestions please let us know in the comment section.) Assuming you are looking for a good pub scene first, here are my top 3.

  1. Amsterdam – There are several neighborhoods with great pubs and general night life. Of course you also have coffee shops and the red light district nearby. Those are “score high” bonuses!
  2. Madrid – Not many in the U.S. associate pubs and Madrid, but it is awesome. So many squares surrounded by pubs that spill into the streets. Bonus is naps! The locals like to have a few pints, take a nap and then have a few more pints. I don’t need to tell you how incredible that life is.
  3. Dublin – Especially the Temple Bar area, it really caters to tourists and gives you a lot of bars to choose from. Pubs in Dublin? I mean if you are looking for the real deal, this is where you need to be.

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