Rockstar Ramblings: Cruel Intentions


This week new videos from Tom Keifer (Cinderella), Lizzy DeVine (Vains Of Jenna) returns and some good ole boys play an AC/DC classic for our pleasure.

Tom Keifer has released a music video for “It’s Not Enough”, the fourth his debut solo album, ‘The Way Life Goes.’ Simple, yet cool rock and roll – Keifer makes it look natural and easy. It’s also nice to see he still rocks the scarves…

Vains Of Jenna front man Lizzy DeVine has returned with his new band, The Cruel Intentions. The new group has released a video for “Borderline Crazy.” First off, I am always a big fan of songs three minutes or less. Lots of leather, bandanas and so much pale skin. This may be the only band that postpones shows due to the sun…

The Glorious Sons have released a video for “Lightning”, the latest single from their Juno nominated album ‘The Union.’ It appears very cold wherever they are shooting this video. That’s why the missing hat half-way through is such a mystery to me…

So this is from Finland, maybe you have already seen it, maybe not. It’s a unique take on an AC/DC classic. Let’s be clear, after making this video these are guys are never getting laid again, right? Or is it the opposite? I get very confused on the rules when it comes to non-porn viral videos…

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