#8 Philip Rivers Because Fuck Los Angeles…OWR Friday Pop Culture Rankings!


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10. Shelly Sterling

Ex-wife of estranged ex-Clipper owner, Donald Sterling, she beat him and now she just beat V. Stiviano (has to give 2.6 million dollars back). Stiviano is lucky Shelly didn’t take the “V”, because she probably would have got it.

9. Taxes

I believe tax day is in spring because people are in a more positive mood. If tax day was in January the suicide rate would spike 650 percent.

8. Philip Rivers

Tells San Diego he won’t play in Los Angeles, trade me.

7. Charles Barkley

Apparently back in the day put on 19 pounds so the Philadelphia 76ers wouldn’t draft him. It didn’t work and joke was on Barkley – did he ever lose the 19?

6. American Idol Is Done

The “Wack” drama was so contrived; it’s over.

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