(ALBUM REVIEW) Attik Door – Never In Agreement


It would be impossible to identify all of the musical influences of Attick Door because they mix so many different sounds to give their music a unique feel. From the former USSR, the band leans on their past while mixing in the present.
Never In Agreement kicks off with “Posers”, an angst filled tune with catchy guitars and even catchier chorus. This is a great opening song that leads into “Bleed”, a mix of hard core rapping and rock over guitars that are somehow find an acceptable balance between classic rock and thrash. That may sound confusing, but this appears to be Attick Door’s bread and butter, fusing different genres together to create a unique sound, that works. I wasn’t crazy seeing a song named “California” from a band based in California (a little cliché don’t you think?), but they played it straight and works. I stand corrected.

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