(Review) The Vigilance Committee: Exit a Hero

The Vigilance Committee is an indie rock band from Long Island, N.Y. The band released their debut album, Lost Again, in May 2014 and an EP titled Love the Sea in the summer of 2014. Exit a Hero is their latest work that is a concept album based on the story of the first vigilance committees of San Francisco.

I always like it when a band immediately puts its best foot forward and that’s what happens with the opening track “Set the Pacific on Fire”, this band is compared to a lot of different indie, grunge and rock bands, but what I hear most is a unique sound, more old-school Dead Milkmen sound versus what we typically categorize as Indie rock. The lyrics in the opener are fantastic as is the video that really showcases the bands artistic, yet gritty look as well as the charismatic Peter Scoma. The next track, “Taking What’s Mine” is a great second punch, mixing up a fast beat with soothing mellow energy. Again, there’s a special sound that’s both easy on the ears and cutting in attitude. Other highlights for me include “Expositor”, an upbeat track with a crisp sound and perfect vocals and “Montgomery”, which sounds as good as anything the Strokes have released in recent years.

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