Is It Okay To Hate Duke Again? The Wednesday Mailbag is Here!


Welcome to the Wednesday OWR Mailbag! Have a question about betting, sports, pop culture or tacos? This week we cover hating on Duke, IPA beer and banging 80’s lead singers. Email us

For whatever reason, I didn’t “hate” Duke this season, now I hate them again, what gives?

Probably because they make it so easy to hate; also, Kentucky was the monster that took a lot of eyes off the Blue Devils. Once they were out it was like, oh Duke? Fuck those guys. For me it was all about Grayson Allen, I mean his name really says it all, right? That’s when I jumped back on the #FuckDuke bandwagon. Okay, I may have started #FuckDuke… In summary – yes, it’s okay to hate Duke again.

If you were a groupie in 1988, which eighties heavy metal singer would be the ultimate bang?

So then the lead singers are in their prime, eh? Let’s see, I’m thinking there would be five on my bang list, but I think it depends on what you “like” or can handle.

Vince Neil: The boys of Motley Crue were notorious for their lines (actual lines) of women they would have sex with. Waiting in line sort of sucks so you may want to bring a book to read when waiting for Neil to bang you. The sounds may be a little distracting, making it difficult to concentrate on reading.

Jon Bon Jovi: Seems like he might like to cuddle and you know what that means, lots of stories about New Jersey. If you are not from the Garden State you may want to pass on Bon Jovi.

Axl Rose: He was probably the ultimate bang for a groupie, of course, there’s always a chance (during his “prime”) you would be thrown down a flight of stairs and have your teeth knocked out, but hey – free drugs!

The Gorgeous Dude from Bulletboys: If you are into looks it doesn’t get anymore beautiful than Marq Torien. I know I would have banged him if I had the chance.

Bret Michaels: Seems like probably the least dangerous, was in a giant band (during the time) and (although unknown at the time) there’s a chance for a reality show appearance 20 years later!

I guess I’m going with Michaels as the ultimate bang for an eighties groupie. Not me though, I wouldn’t want to get near Michaels…I’m clearly more of a Torien kind of guy!

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