Friday Pop Culture Rankings


Each week OWR ranks the best of Pop Culture. Have comments nominations or comments? Email the OWR mailbag:

10. Charles Barkley

Barkley just gets better and better. NBA studio shows are 1000 times better than NFL shows at least that much better, probably more.

9. Easter Bunny

He brings jelly beans, the anti-candy corn. That’s pretty cool.

8. Christian Laetner

The commercials are entertaining and I like that he just said fuck it, I’m wearing the sweater vest.

7. Naked Cowboy

There’s a guy known as Naked Cowboy who entertains tourists in Times Square. His ride (Cadillac Escalade) got jacked from a parking garage, but he convinced security to just let him go. Naked Cowboy is chill like that…

6. Sam Dekker

I don’t know what the future brings; buy WOW what a couple of games. Can he be the guy that brings down the Big Blue Monster (meaning Kentucky, not Laetner’s sweater vest)?

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