15 Professions With The Highest Suicide Rate


Jobs suck, but for most of us we must have one to pay the bills. Some jobs are much worse than others and some are so bad you want to kill yourself. Not working late hours and killing your life, but actually committing suicide. These are the jobs with the highest suicide rates.

There are both blue collar and white collar jobs on their list with several areas that factor into the misery some go through in these positions. Where the job is located and overall environment is very important as is stress and number of hours working. Some of these jobs require high skills that require intense concentration while others it’s the boredom that ends up killing you, literally. Other jobs make you question humanity and are plain difficult to deal with. Of course, jobs with access to drugs and medications also have a high suicide rate. There’s a reason the phrase is “out of sight, out of mind.” If you work in the healthcare industry, there is a good chance your profession’s suicide rate is higher than most.

Read the full list at TheRichest.com


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