#8 Don Draper Returns With Drink in Hand…OWR Friday Pop Culture Rankings!


Each week OWR ranks the best of Pop Culture. Have comments nominations or comments? Email the OWR mailbag:mailbag@onlinewagerreview.com

10. Michael Phelps

Not only is Phelps hawking Coca-Cola, an alleged report from a dominatrix says Phelps asked her to pee on him. Does she mean pour warm Coke on him? Because that’s what warm Coke tastes like.

9. Cinderella is Dead

No long-shots advance to the Sweet Sixteen. To all the degenerate gamblers: back to the roulette tables. (See you there!)

8. Don Draper

The fictional character returns Easter Sunday with the premier of Mad Men, presumably with drink in hand.

7. Jon Hamm

Checks out of rehab for alcohol, presumably with no drink in hand.

6. NFL Veteran Combine

Nothing is sadder than this. Michael Jordan in a Wizards uniform is less sad.

5. Michael Jordan

This week Adidas noted that the reason they didn’t sign Jordan before Nike was because he wasn’t tall enough. This is very bad news for Tom Cruise if he was hoping to ink a deal with Adidas.

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