St. Patty’s Day is For JETS Fans!

I don’t like St. Patrick’s Day despite liking most holidays. Living in New York, holiday’s are pretty great. You’ve got Halloween parades, Thanksgiving Day parades and Christmas in New York is, well, Christmas in New York. However, St. Patrick’s Day sucks! This year I was looking for something positive to say about it and was pretty disappointed once again. Lots of early drinking, puking and looking people looking for fights. The bars are packed and it’s impossible to get a drink. Part of my dismay is that again, I’m in New York so I can go out to the bars anytime and have a blast. I don’t have to partake in amateur hour and think I missed something. Then it happened… I was walking along 33rd street today, weaving through the smokers outside of the pubs. That’s another thing EVERYONE smokes on this day. Believe me, I have nothing against smoking, but when EVERYONE is smoking it’s pretty awful. ANYWAY, I’m walking along the street and I realize that lots of men are wearing their green New York Jets jerseys. Hey, why not? It’s green and if any team needs a reason to celebrate, it’s the Jets. Good for those lovable losers. So there’s that. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!

(P.S. Next year I’m not even leaving my apartment for St. Patrick’s Day.)


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