Teaser Tuesday


Given this week is the NCAA Tournament we are looking at futures bets of teams to win it all. As always we are looking for value as well as probability. Yes, Kentucky is dominant, but looking at history doesn’t guarantee anything except that it’s likely they will not win the NCAA Championship.

Notre Dame (50 to 1)

The Fighting Irish have dominated often, can win on the road and have a game changer in Jarien Grant. Each year there is one guy that takes the leap from lottery pick to top 3. If this is Grant’s year expect Notre Dame to go deep in the tourney.

Bet: $10 on Notre Dame to win $500


Michigan State (60 to 1)

Betting with Tom Izzo in the NCAA Tournament is always a good play. At 60 to 1 you are getting great value on a team that was tough to beat down the stretch. They took Wisconsin to overtime in the Big Ten tourney as well in a game they could have won.

Bet: $10 on Michigan State to win $600

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