Running out of Gas

There are a lot of things worse than running out of gas, but nobody wants to see that “low fuel” indicator coming on. That’s unnecessary anxiety forcing you to immediately plan your next 30 minutes. Personally, I use a car share program so I never know what “low gas” means. Some models will let you run well past the “red” while others will go dry right at the “E” line. Obviously it’s always a good idea to not let this happen, but recently this happened to me. There was a moment when I considered what would happen should I be stranded on the side of the highway. Would I have to blow someone for a ride? I really don’t know the protocol for this predicament. Lucky for me I made it to a gas station and going forward I’m not letting the needle go less than half empty. I would rather not have to blow a trucker for a ride to the nearest Mobil station…


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