Hot For Teacher


Do you like big, scary tits and David Lee Roth era Van Halen? If yes, well then, I’ve got a video for you.

A new cover of the Van Halen hit “Hot For Teacher” pays tribute to the classic song and video. Female author, actress, and model Trisha Paytas steps into David Lee Roth’s shoes in a video parody. The video was filmed in L.A., at John Marshall High School, the same school where Van Halen’s original “Hot For Teacher” video was recorded.

David Lee Roth is more than just parodied; he has an intro for the video. Apparently there was one rule and that was “just one take!” A little disappointed he didn’t finish with a back flip.

It doesn’t take long to see where this video is headed – part parody, part entertainment, part nightmare! The green “Bengal print” spandex really goes through a test in this one. Why aren’t the other girls more involved? Paytas and her giant breasts are total camera hogs. Also, the casting for the teacher could have been better, maybe someone more famous? I’m guessing Roth said no.

There is something not welcoming about those giant boobs, I’ve never seen that before. Pretty sure I’m not sleeping tonight.

The ending, with her mom showing disappointment is so unbelievable and not convincing. Obviously this girl fucks someone new (and probably much older) on a daily basis.

Check out the video and more at


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