10 Strangest Religious Cults in the World


Cult groups span the world and have existed since humans were able to communicate ideas among each other. Most cults practice a belief, or religion based on an existing prophecy or something truly unique (and often eccentric). A common set of thoughts and rules is what brings these individuals together to form a cult. Some of these groups want to be feared while others peak curiosity; some are harmless and others are downright dangerous.

Anything not done in moderation usually leads to problems and often cults become obsessive in nature. Too much of anything produces a negative outcome and in some cases, the groups on this list fall into this category. Also, there seems to be a lot of people who believe they are Jesus.

Honorable mentions go out to The Cargo Cults of the South Pacific, a group that create wooden guns and promote the US by painting their chests. They believe these activities will produce rain from the sky. Oh, they also practice cannibalism. Aleph (formerly known as Aum Shinrikyo) is the group responsible for the 1995 Tokyo train attack. The members’ motivation for the attack was to start World War III. Despite this act, they claim to be a peaceful organization. The Discordian attracts a lot of new people, but the problem is that this is not a real cult; instead, they are a parody of cults that exist today.

Each of these cults view the world differently than the majority, hence why they are considered a cult and separate from mainstream society. Here are the 10 strangest cults in the world today.

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