15 Worst (or most obvious) Celebrity Toupees


We age every minute, every second. That doesn’t have to be depressing, that’s just life which would be really boring if time didn’t move us along. With aging comes a change to our bodies and for men, their hair. For celebrities this can be a problem because they are in the public eye and need to look good for the camera. Call it vanity or peer pressure, regardless, a lot of male celebrities resort to toupees to cover their beautiful bald heads. Some of these are not so great, and here we are looking at the worst.


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To clarify, this list includes all hair restoration/cover ups including wigs, hairpieces, weaves or even plugs. A toupee is usually real hair, or as John Wayne said, “I don’t have a phony toupee; the hair in my toupee is real!” We are focusing on bald or balding celebrities that are covering up without their natural hair.

Not all celebrities support covering up their baldness, Bruce Willis may don a toupee in movies, but he is a man that owns his baldness off camera. On the flipside, Larry David has a humorous passive-aggressive way to promote baldness. He may not be happy he’s bald, but it is what it is and he uses it to his comedic advantage.

Who doesn’t (or didn’t) wear a wig? Despite rumors, Elvis Presley’s “do” was all real. Same goes for David Hasselhoff and all of Ron Jeremy’s hair. Who would I like to see with a toupee? That would be Nic Cage who off camera doesn’t appear to wear a wig, but if he did you know he would go full Elvis! Ringo Starr’s hair is real, but that doesn’t mean no Beatles made the list. Do any celebrities look good in their fake hair? Al Pacino seems to own his toupee, but that may be because he’s such a character – it’s hard to differentiate his on-screen/off-screen time.

Honorable mentions include a couple of celebrities that allegedly may have some help on top. Here we find Vince Vaughn and his suddenly-stopped-receding hairline and also rumors of Ben Affleck. Neither has admitted it, but there has been plenty of speculation around these two. Here are 15 of the worst celebrity toupees.

Read the full list at TheRichest.com


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