Hottest NBA Cheerleaders


An NBA game isn’t just about the play on the floor, but also the full experience during the event. NBA cheerleading squads (dance teams) provide a sexy spice to the NBA experience, combining seductive dance with smoking hot bodies. In addition to the dancing there is timing, costumes and the occasional actual cheer (although most just dance these days). Some teams have mastered the art of NBA dance teams, but really, in the end, it’s the girls that make or break their dance teams.

NBA cheerleading squads have been around since the seventies, but it was in 1979 when Jerry Buss, the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, created the Laker Girls. He wanted to provide entertainment for the entire game, not just during play. He put together a group that was as hot as they were talented as dancers. Some believe it was Magic Johnson that created the Laker nickname “Showtime,” but I think the Laker Girls could argue that point.

This list breaks down the top ten cheerleading squads in the NBA. Just missing the cut was the Detroit Pistons Dancers. It’s probably difficult to perform in half-empty arenas, but these girls have kept up the intensity and provide more entertainment than their recent sorry excuse for a team. We’ve got small markets and big markets covered; hot climates and cold climates as well. Of course, Los Angeles is well represented. Here are your top ten NBA cheerleading squads.

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