The Greatest Bond Girl of All Time?


Bond Girls are sexy, that’s a given. They are also smart, wicked smart and respected. Often they are experts in espionage, negotiation and seduction. The only known weakness of a Bond Girl is the ability to say no to James Bond. Well, they say no, but Mr. Bond is very charming, persistent and eventually no means yes, in a good way, the Bond way.

For the actresses playing these roles, being a Bond Girl can be either a stepping stone or defining moment, or both. Bond movies provide an outlet for actresses to flaunt their sexiness as well as be badass. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in an international spy triangle? It sounds exhausting, but not too worry, the sheets are silk and James Bond love making will ensure restful sleep.

The character names were never subtle, always amazing and often contain a double entendre. Plenty O’Toole, Mary Goodnight and Tiffany Case are a few that jump out; of course, Bond Girl names peaked with the evil Pussy Galore, because, well, you know. Each girl had their own attribute, but the story arc is often similar. The girl is a spy or connected to a spy who gets murdered. Bond enters the picture to either work with or compete against the girl to complete a mission (often involves microfilm for some reason). The girl initially refuses Bonds advances, but eventually gives in (usually after a heroic Bond moment).

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