10 Reasons to Hate Alex Rodriguez Revisited

Here’s something I posted a couple of years ago. Still holds up!

Ten Reasons to Despise Alex Rodriguez

arod inside

With performance enhancing drugs and Alex Rodriguez in the mix let’s take a look back at his marvelous career and greatest moments.  On second thought, let’s review ten reasons it is okay to despise Alex Rodriguez.

10. The steroid accusations, again.

Alex Rodriguez will probably break Barry Bonds* home run record, and it will matter even less than when Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s record.  After countless monster regular seasons the steroid questions continues to come up.  He didn’t come out smiling the first time (admitted to use from 2001 to 2003) and I would expect more of the same once the facts are revealed that Rodriguez has been (and continues) cheating all along.

9. He can have any girl he wants, settles for Canadian strippers. 

While still married Alex was seen canoodling with strippers, from Toronto (yes, that makes it worse).

8. Overpaid, twice.

First, Rodriguez left Seattle for the division rival Texas Rangers and 2001 a 10-year 252 million dollar contract.  How do you top that?  You renegotiate and in 2007 sign a 10-year 270 million dollar contract.

7. Two words: Not Clutch.

After crushing the ball regular season after regular season Alex Rodriquez has consistently put up horrible post season numbers.  Not only unable to deliver at crunch time, but post season pressure in general has been awful.  Does Rodriquez also experience erectile dysfunction during the month of October?

6. Bullshit Plays

Alex has slapped the ball out of defenders hands and has yelled “I GOT IT” while running the bases.  Even in Little League this is considered a D-Bag move.  I’m sure Rodriguez being considered the D-Bag of the league started in Pee Wee League.

5. Alex Plays for the Yankees

Hey, it hasn’t been so easy to hate the Yankees since Derek Jeter came on board.  Rodriguez is a true villain to hate.  He should be forced to wear a cape, an evil cape.

4. Seattle Got Screwed, again.

Isn’t the daily forecast of rain enough!  When Alex Rodriguez returned (after signing with Texas) he was greeted with a full stadium of boos and monopoly money falling from the upper decks.  I bet he didn’t blink an eye.

3. His nickname is A-Rod.

Repeat: His nickname is A-Rod.

2. Roots for Duke Basketball.

Probably does (NOTE: No proof and probably doesn’t).

1. Linked to Madonna.

So was Vanilla Ice (there’s pictures), enough said.


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