Top 10 Cars Douchebags Love To Drive


What is it about cars that turns people into idiots, especially guys? Is it small penis syndrome, the need for speed or did your first stripper give you a sub-par lap dance? Whatever it is, there are certain cars that bring out the worst in people. Oh, and for the guys that think these cars are what the ladies want – you are either wrong, or you will learn several life lessons from the women they do attract. (Now let’s take a moment for guys “in the know” to have a collective chuckle.)

Full Disclaimer: In the nineties I bought a Plymouth Neon, the one with white rims that looked like soccer balls. I almost also bought a “classic” BMW. I put an Alpine stereo system and sub-woofers in the Neon (and would have done the same with the BMW). I say this to let you know there is hope, we all go through phases.

A couple of criteria for this list: First, pricing sometimes matters. In the case you are buying the “cheap version” of a luxury car, chances are it’s for all the wrong reasons. Also, number of seats matters. General rule: Two-seat vehicles are for douchebags.

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