Shocking Beer Facts!


Today nothing is good for you. Don’t smoke, eat red meat or drink water from a hose. Even heroin is considered “bad.” When did this happen? You know what is good for you? Beer, at least in moderation – it’s a scientific fact (note: maybe not scientific, but studies have been done by guys wearing bow ties for sure). That’s one interesting fact of many about one of life’s simple pleasures: beer.

Some of us enjoy a cold one at a ball game on a hot day while others can’t wait to get home and crack open a tall boy and let the stress of the day drift away. Twenty years ago microbrews blew up the industry and now there are so many options and they are available everywhere. Gone are the days of choosing between Miller, Budweiser and Coors. Now you have craft lagers, India Pale Ales and fruit beers everywhere you look. Have you been to a Walgreen’s lately? At any given time they have at least four I.P.A. beers to choose from.

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