Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.) Does It Again


This week we have videos from Killit and Lucifer Rise, but what really matters is that we have another video from Chris Holmes. If you are having a bad day, watching this video may just be the cure.

Killit have released “Shut It Down”, the London rockers’ first single and video. The video starts in a lab type setting with lots of fancy systems. There is also a white van with no windows and a trio of beautiful women. Lots of promise here. One of the girls is on the run, being chased by a couple of guys from the Beastie Boys “Sabatoge” video (minus the facial hair). One guy has a pony tail and the other is bald, it’s a modern version of Laurel and Hardy. The girl keeps running, eventually ending up in what appears to be Freddy Krueger’s boiler room. Next, she avoids the motion detectors, finally reaching the power room where she is going to SHUT IT DOWN because, well I don’t know why, I guess because that’s the name of the song…

Lucifer Rise have released their latest single and video “Mama.” There is a woman who is dressed in a tight black dress and is carrying a whip. Time to go to work and make the donuts! Lots of walking through hallways and we never actually find out what she does. I’m assuming herbal dominatrix and her whips are made from organic materials…

Former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes is back with another one of his videos, this one for the song “Let it Roar.” Up to this point his videos have been heavy on guitars, below average on vocals and the scenes high on comedy. Once again, Holmes doesn’t disappoint. Here are my thoughts while watching this one…
– Hey look, it’s the Mean Man boat.
– Holmes on scene with a double flip off and a hit off the E-cigarette. Bad Boy #1 (or #1245 depending on the list)
– Few can rock the sleeveless jean jacket as well as Holmes. Check out the middle finger patch on the back. Is this his logo now? Is this Holmes attempt at Branding?
– Wow, now we are inside a house, this video has taken a crazy turn…
– I mean where to start, the dainty coffee cup, the lounging lazy boy or the vocals?
– Let’s just all agree that we should bottle up these vocals and save them, for something.
– So what exactly happened here? First, there was a yacht and the potential for a bikini party and now I’m just watching Holmes sing in his house while he watches TV?
– Holy shit, all of this just happened: Holmes licking an ice cream cone, the “fuck off” guitar and “I’m an animal”
– If Holmes was to make a list of “things he likes”, Harleys and Jack Daniels would definitely be number 1 and 2.
– Now I’m watching Holmes fish. Is this still a music video?
– Is Holmes jamming in his actual bedroom, I assume he sleeps in a room covered by posters (even on the ceiling)
– Ends with the middle finger; circle of life, at least Holmes life
– If Ted Nugent ever gets his own network, Holmes should pitch a show titled “The Fishing Pole”, just strippers and fishing…


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