Why Corona Beer Is The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

How can you drink Corona beer? This is a question I get and I don’t have a good answer. I enjoy many types of beer, but Corona Light is my go to beer when I just want to have a couple beers, or have already had a couple IPAs or “stronger” types. Many point out that Corona is often “skunky” and sort of tastes like piss. I can’t argue these points. I guess there are 4 things I like. First, I don’t mind the taste, nothing overpowering or amazing, just simple. Second, a Corona will make you retch if warm, but ice cold is truly something beautiful. Third, it’s a perfect complement to Mexican food. (I think everyone is aware that I adore tacos.) Finally, you don’t get drunk, or at least too drunk. Should there be an accident and someone busts into a bar yelling “Is anyone sober or had less than 15 Coronas?” that’s me. I’ve learned crossing 15 with Corona is a game you will lose…


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