Kix is For Kids


A couple of throwback bands and another Swedish group bring their videos to the ramblings this week.

Kix are back with their seventh album, ‘Rock Your Face Off’, and have a music video for the song “Wheels In Motion.” Guitars. Head banging. Fist pumping. Just like old times – seriously this group hasn’t aged as much as the others. Did they only partake in the “good” drugs? Maybe I didn’t appreciate Kix enough the first time around. I realize this is a hometown (Baltimore) audience, but still these guys are kicking ass! Even for Baltimore…

The Babys not only released their first album in 30 years, they hit the top 10 with “I See You There.” They have now released a “behind the scenes” video for their hit song. Okay, so I get it, it’s a sweet song and all, but this video is a little bit too close don’t you think? Really need to add some smoke, static or something. At some point if you are watching this video you wonder how far this band can actually see these days…

Swedish rockers, Eclipse, have released a video for their upcoming album’s first single, “Stand On Your Feet.” The video starts with a boxer, off his feet. He gets up, but it’s not to fight someone, but instead hit a heavy bag. Did the bag knock him out? Push up montage follows jump roping and lots of sweat. He never makes it into the ring! No blood? The song is great, but the video? Very disappointing…

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