The Sombrero Strangler

I’ve been writing a post on the most terrifying hit men of all time so it’s not that surprising I would dream about this. My vision however, was not a historic one. Instead, my dream had me running from the Sombrero Strangler, a killer that wore a sombrero. The twist was that he would take the hat, put it on his victim’s head and pull it down over their eyes. He would then kill them with an ice pick. I did not get caught (lucky for me my son woke me up). Come to think of it maybe it wasn’t the article I was writing but all the tacos I’ve been eating. Regardless I’m officially pitching this as  dramatic series. Anyone from ABC, CBS or even HBO can contact me with details on The Sombrero Strangler…


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One response to “The Sombrero Strangler

  • bernquist

    I think it’s a great idea! When I first read the title to your post I imagined a sombrero who kills people for some reason. “Behold!! I am a huge round hat who will kill you for your wealth!!!”

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