New York Snow Day

When you have a kid you need to have food in the house and you need to go grocery shopping. Typically that is Sunday for me. This week was special because it was also Taco Night (I know, Taco Tuesday on a Sunday? Madness), meaning 2 grocery stores because one doesn’t have the “kits” I use. However, as the day went on we (residents of New York City) were warned of the STORM OF THE CENTURY that is approaching. In may past I would have shrugged it off, but that was pre-Sandy so now I play along. That meant 2 more grocery stores for supplies, 4 in total. Okay, so technically it was 3 grocery stores and 1 Duane Reade, but people were mostly buying the same items there, so I’m counting it. I suspect New Yorkers prepare for storms differently than other cities. Here are the top 5 items I saw purchased today: 5. Batteries  4. Water 3. Coffee 2. Cigarettes 1. Beer…


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