10 Places That Will Not Exist in 20 Years


Change is constant and sometimes positive, but not always. Sometimes, places cease to exist due to new enhancements, environmental change or just lack of need. These places rarely just vanish; instead, they slowly disappear until they are no longer there.

In certain cases we can see the transformation coming, and in others it is a slow disintegration that catches us by surprise. These places may still technically exist in 20 years, but in most cases they will just be a shell of their current (or recent) existence.

This list looks at both destinations as well as traditional places we take (or have taken) for granted in our daily lives. What doesn’t make the list? Predictions for the “big” earthquake taking out Los Angeles or terrorism wiping out a city do not. That would be too easy. Also, if we were going to go there you might as well predict Florida will just do away with prisons because, why bother?

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