Shock Rock


This week a video searching for a classic ride, smoke machine and of course, strippers; also, will the trend of lead singers wearing the “pilot” cap ever stop?

Crazy Lixx have released their second video from their latest self-titled album. The video is for the song “Call To Action.” This video is a pretty straight forward performance shoot. Part is on a stage and part is in what looks like a junkyard. I always like to search for old, abandoned VW Micro buses. A lot of these VW rides have these huge tables that are perfect for playing cards, especially poker. I really need to gamble more…

The Suicide Bombers have launched the first video from their upcoming mini-album, ‘The Sex Tapes.’ The video is a cover of the Backstreet Girls’ “Devolicious Boys”, a song which will also be featured on the brand new Backstreet Girls tribute album, to be released later this year. I really enjoyed Suicide Bombers last album and fully expected two things in this video, first Jack Daniels and second, strippers. Both were delivered in under a minute. Well done…

Salems Lott is from Hollywood and they represent the shock rock genre (Note: I believe this title was given by the band itself). This video is for their first single for an EP expected in early 2015. The single is “No Choice To Love.” The video starts with a smoke machine and I suspect there is a rule that this band will always start videos with a smoke machine. Look at that hair! The voice sounds familiar, but it’s not until the slow down at 3:14 when it hits me – it’s David Coverdale’s voice. I’m not sure who this band cites as influences, but Whitesnake and Flock of Seagulls should both be high on the list…

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