Inspired Writing: New York City

New York City is filled with a million stories, actually tens of millions of stories and they are all waiting to be told. For writers, there’s a certain romance to having writer’s block and the struggle of putting pen to the paper (or fingers to the keyboard), but if you live in this city, you have no excuse. Manhattan is full of places, experiences, and people for you to meet, watch and most importantly–wonder what if? Here are ten places in the city to kick start your ideas and get you writing.

 10. The Subway


The trains are full of derelicts, entertainers and straight up weirdoes. If you’ve never eavesdropped on a conversation during your ride you are missing out. Shady business deals, sexual escapades and lots of anger fill the subway everyday. The MTA has created a perfect backdrop for a slasher story or setting for a man contemplating his lost love. (Author Note: The 4am Subway Slasher is my story – get your own ideas!)

 9. Times Square


There are lots of lights, also lots of Irish pubs surrounding the lights. Go into one or several and meet the tourists. Everyone likes to talk when they are on vacation and drinking. Who knows, maybe you’ll hook up with someone and have a New York adventure to write about. It happens every night.

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