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This week The Rockstar Ramblings return with new videos from Rated X, Nasty Habit, Spiders & Snakes, and Pink Velvet Krush. Not a bad band name in the bunch!

First up is Rated X whom recently released “This Is Who I Am”, the single and video from their self titled debut. Things to admire: fingerless gloves, a handle bar mustache and what is the color of the drummer’s hair? Is that potpourri? Pretty sure it’s potpourri…

Next up, New York’s Nasty Habit debut their video for “Don’t Bring Me Down” from their EP titled ‘Desperate Times.’ This one is all about head banging and smashing stuff. It’s starts with a vase and then the band just walks around smashing car windows with baseball bats. One of the hooligans even has a hatchet – what is he going to do with that? Nasty Habit keeps it simple – smashing and head banging. It gets weird when they smash a bottle of Jack Daniels – NOOOOO! Unless this song is about hating liquor and car windows that was really uncalled for. You can tell this band likes to have fun by how much they stick their tongues out for the camera. Not a shy one in the group. You should never be too old for this…

The band Spiders & Snakes video “Kawasaki City” was shot in the Japanese city by the same name as well as stage shots from Sunset Strip’s Whiskey A Go Go. The band will be performing at the Whisky A Go Go again on December 18th to celebrate their 25th anniversary and official record release party for ‘Year of the Snake.’ The video intro is all smoke machines and classic TV while the band is recorded just hanging around the streets of Kawasaki City looking like bad asses. Apparently there are a lot of hipster Japanese girls in this city and an abundance of neon lights in the shape of guitars. These are definitely my new stereotypes related to Japanese cities – all hipster girls and guitar neons (along with ninjas of course)

Finally, another New York band, Pink Velvet Krush, have released a video for the song “One Shot” from their EP titled ‘F.S.O.A.’ which stands for Fifty Shades of Anything. Always like a countdown followed by some good ole dirty rock and roll. This video is missing something. Yeah, it’s missing a couple strippers. Definitely should have splurged on a couple of strippers…

Read the full post and check out the videos at MetalUnderground.com


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