20 Best Holiday Drinks to Help You Deal With Family This Christmas

The holidays are here and that means traveling and also spending time with lots of family. It’s a time when alcohol and family come together. When used in the correct situations alcohol can provide many benefits for these social settings.


There are times when you want to sip and laugh, times you want to sneak a drink and situations where only lots of hard liquor will do. Everyone is familiar with the concept of comfort food. I propose you embrace comfort drinking; matching the proper beverage with the right situation, leveraging its effects as well as its cosmetic worth. I am a firm believer that there is a right drink for the right time. Note: If you don’t drink, well some of these can be “virgins”; however, I would suggest you stick to the comfort food philosophy in order to get by.

The list of best holiday drinks runs the gamut from extremely festive to just finding a way to cope. There are family outings to celebrate and others to dread. Sometimes you have good news and sometimes that news is trumped; others may have news as well, some of it depressing and some of it just too damn happy. Don’t forget about the kids, not your kids – they are angels – everyone else’s kids and the non-stop noise. Why are they such monsters? These ideas will help take the edge off and provide that warm, merry feeling that sometimes we all need a little help finding.

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