15 Absolute Worst Times to Travel


First you have to get to the airport by driving or taking public transportation. If it’s the former, you will need to find parking, the latter, good luck with your luggage. Once you arrive at the airport (assuming you are traveling) there is check-in, checking your luggage and then security. Any one of these can produce lines longer than Hands Across America. Eventually you make it to your gate where you wait and then get into another line to board. Once on your flight you can relax. Well, at least you can sit. The delays don’t stop here; now you have to deal with scheduled “push off” times, runway traffic and air-traffic control (who can do whatever they want). Once you land don’t expect your gate to be ready, and if you are in the back of the plane waiting for 80 other passengers to de-plane, you may want to jam a pencil into your ear. Traveling is the worst.

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