Party Time!


Do kids still throw parties when their parents leave for the weekend, or do they just go to the same alley each weekend and get high? My parents never left for a full weekend and I’m still bummed about it. This week videos from The Treatment, Hessler and The Beautifully Demolished take on a typical house party.

The Treatment released the video for “Running With The Dogs” the title track from their new album released this year. The video and song is pretty straight forward, but it’s clear this band wants you to see that the white van they use has windows. The Treatment does not tour in a windowless white van. You don’t want to be known as the band that tours in a rape van…

The Beautifully Demolished have released a party video for the title track from their new album titled ‘Beautifully Demolished.’ The video beings “In the Suburbs” with boys on a couch being told not to throw a party; is this an intentional homage to the Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Right To Party?” If it is, it’s lazy at best. Regardless, no sooner the parents leave and people start arriving for what will definitely be the party of all parties. First the “rock dudes” show up and they are always followed by “bikini girls.” If every party could end there, with a few beers and some good laughs, maybe a few wet T-shirts everything would be okay. Unfortunately that never happens. All parties end with: A. Fire B. Parents Return Home Early C. Host Passes Out, Wakes Up With Obscene Drawings All Over His Body or D. All Of The Above. None of these things happen; instead, the girls start making out with each other, having pillow fights and doing body shots. In the words of Rodney Dangerfield “We’re all going to get laid tonight!” It doesn’t last and eventually, a fire is started. The correct answer is A. Fire…

Hessler is back with a new front woman and they have a new video for the song “Stuck On You.” It’s a strange video that if I understand that message correctly it’s telling me romance isn’t dead you just aren’t using enough blindfolds or sharp objects…

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