8 Most Hipster Neighborhoods on Earth


It starts with one person, they move into a forgotten neighborhood, or an area that has been neglected (lots of broken windows). A new beginning; an often cheaper and more creative space for an artist or individual that doesn’t want to be part of the yuppie lifestyle, at least not officially. Fast forward – others follow and before you know it the crime, dark alleys and graffiti is no longer a reason to stay away, but rather a community of cool. A place for the anti-establishment and counterculture to come together as a community, drink coffee, ironically enjoy Pabst beer and grow very bushy beards. This is now a hipster neighborhood.

The window of cool for hipster neighborhoods is one that begins to shut as soon as it’s opened. First, the actual broken windows are fixed. Then the art galleries, organic coffee shops and authentic Mexican restaurants and taco trucks (hipsters love their tacos) appear. After this it’s not long before it’s THE place to be. Eventually people slightly older with more money move in, they bring expensive beer (three times the cost of Pabst!), condominiums and the kiss of death – Starbucks. Just when you think the dream is over you find a neighborhood two miles west where there are even more broken windows. Hipster neighborhoods are always moving; it’s the circle of hipster life.

Many of the neighborhoods listed are known, but the true hipsters are already moving on. They are moving into Hunters Point (San Francisco) and Red Hook (Brooklyn) where they can honestly say they live in a building that’s a converted chemical plant. These are now the true hipster neighborhoods.

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