Ball Breakers


Very few things make me laugh out loud – television doesn’t do it for me anymore and even movie’s labeled as comedies rarely split my gut. However, Steel Panther still makes it happen for me. Their videos continue to top one after another. Probably not for everyone, but you have to give it to them – apparently no one ever says “too much” when pitching video ideas.

The new Steel Panther “ball-busting” video is for the track “Pussywhipped” from their album ‘All You Can Eat.’

The video begins with a few recognizable faces. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, OH NO…it’s a giant ball sack. That happened.

Cut to some type of stripper Little League where “polo shirt guy” loses his balls to one of the baseball strippers – she hits them out of the park! (Bonus: Creepiness of Steel Panther sitting in the “mom” bleacher section.) Next the band is on the golf course where there is beauty queen and a golfer that looks like Tiger Woods (sort of: black, red shirt, black hat). The Woods imposter tees up one of “polo shirt guy’s” balls and hits it. The crowd approves with the appropriate claps. This video is pure insanity, nothing is out of bounds. Next, there is a ball piñata and then a wrestler’s worst nightmare (ball stretch!) followed by the ultimate ending, a steel cage fight for “polo shirt guy’s” balls back.

No surprise that “polo shirt guy” has super powers (of course he does), but I was surprised that the super power was shooting electricity to get his balls back. I assumed he was able to shoot vaginas. Yeah, I really thought he was going to be able to shoot vaginas. Seems perfectly logical when watching this video.

Check out the video and more at


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