#Enough Already


This week a look at new videos from Volt 22, Diamond Lane, Helix and The Sinner Saints that try to teach us about the real backstage rock and roll lifestyle, champagne toasts and how to use hashtags in a video (note: we learn nothing).

220 Volt have released their new album, ‘Walking In Starlight’, and have debuted a video for the album’s first single and title track. The band is consistent in their snarled up look. Is that their “jam” face? This band wants you to know that there is NO SMILING IN ROCK AND ROLL!

Diamond Lane, recently spotlighted as Fox Sports Artist of the Month, have just released their brand new music video for the track “Cheating Death”, off of their 2014 release ‘Terrorizer.’ The video takes us behind the scenes from their album release show at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. SHOTS! That’s how the video starts so we know it’s a REAL rock and roll show. Lots of bottles and pointing (you the man – no, you the man) and there’s also a 1-2-3 let’s go rah-rah before they hit the stage. Diamond Lane seems to enjoy bars, playing rock and roll and talking to fans (especially girls). The lead singer scores points for the sleeveless jean jacket; however, we are deducting points for wearing a tee underneath. The Budweiser trucker hat is also a nice touch…

Canadian rockers, Helix, have released video for “Even Jesus (Wasn’t Loved In His Hometown)”, the first single from the Canadian band’s latest album ‘Bastard Of The Blues.’ In the beginning we see a crown of thorns (Jesus, is that you?) and then lots of traveling by airplane followed by the band drinking pints of beer outside. Not sure how this relates and I expected a theme shift. Instead, we get a cruise ship and champagne toasts, followed by more street shots and guitar solos. No idea what is going on here and was lost trying to follow along with the video, next time I’ll try listening to the song…

The Sinner Saints return with their new single and video “Too Much Pressure.” It’s crazy how much the singer looks like Jon Bon Jovi. In addition to this look-a-like, the video has a lot bombs, fire and scarves. Bonus: Brass knuckle microphone. Super Bonus: Footage of a guy getting shot by cannon (twice). I don’t like the hashtag messages though and seems desperate. More cannons would have been nice…

Check out the videos and more at MetalUnderground.com


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