2014 Milwaukee Brewers’ Worst Case Scenario


No one knows what to say, usually, they say nothing after they hear my team is the Milwaukee Brewers. Sometimes a soft, “sorry”, but that’s really it. This is what it is like being a Brewer fan right now. This was not your typical season.

This one hurts so much more. This season was the worst case scenario.

A. The Brewers come out of the gate strong for the first 50 games and then play average into the All-Star break, after they slowly drop off and begin building for next year.
B. Injuries decimate a typically not-very-deep baseball team, mathematically eliminated from playoffs by August.
C. It’s a rebuilding year, for small market teams, four out of every five seasons are deemed rebuilding years. (Note: Brewers are not spending small market money so this should not apply.)

The Brewers were division leaders through approximately 130 games and then all fell apart. Had the team literally quit and forfeited all remaining games the result would not had been different. I could have pitched every game and the result would have been the same. Essentially, the team went first to worst (figuratively speaking) in a matter of 20 games and then got worse…

Yes, did I mention the first 130 games? That was a lot of fun. Of course Jonathan Lucroy’s break-out year and a plethora of starting pitching was nice to see and should be part of the foundation going forward. Mike Fiers. That was amazing.

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