10 of the Weirdest Restaurants in the World


A night out at a new restaurant is always fun. Finding a place with a quirky menu or unique atmosphere feels exotic and can stimulate the conversation. However, finding a really strange or weird place turns a night on the town into a full-on adventure.

It’s easier to make a bar or museum fit into a theme versus a restaurant. Food makes everything more complicated – you need to coordinate meals with both the atmosphere and people. The good news is that when this is done correctly you get a place where families, couples and friends can enjoy an experience that not only lasts for one night, but remains a memory forever.

Have you ever wanted to feel like James Bond? Wanted to knock down that whole dinner table/bathroom virtual wall? How about making a statement about family planning while enjoying your soup and salad? All are covered here.

A few honorable mentions include Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas where you can order high-calorie items and be served by a waitress dressed as a stripper (so Vegas). There is also “dinner in the sky” which is now offered all over the world. Raised into the sky by a crane, you literally eat in the sky. To me this doesn’t fit the “weird” criteria, but rather “insane”. There are also several restaurants that are shaped as objects; these restaurants are often highlighted in tour books and “Things to Do” city guides. There are too many to include, but a few of the best examples are Tonneau Bistro in Okinawa, Japan which is shaped as a giant barrel, The White Restaurant in Batumi, Georgia which looks like a sinking White House, and The Airplane Restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colorado which is as you can guess, is a restaurant inside an airplane. All have their place in the world of weird places to have lunch, but were not “weird” enough to make the top ten. As you can now see, it’s a pretty strong list.

The restaurants are not only general tourist attractions or local mainstays. They are reason to visit a particular region or city. These restaurants are destinations for worldwide travelers.

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