The 10 Most Hated Bands in the World


Music is an emotional experience and can make us feel amazing. Hearing a band can lift our spirits, provide energy or even leave a positive message. Some bands do not, instead inflicting anger, hate and lots of cringing whenever you hear their songs playing. This is about those bands.

To make this list you need to be big enough to have supporters and feel the love from others (Note: If you hate the band you probably hate this group of fans as well.) The Dave Matthews Band has a lot of followers, but does anyone care enough to hate Dave Matthews? It’s easiest just to ignore him. Also, solo acts don’t make the “band” list so you get a pass Bruce Springsteen and Justin Bieber. Kid Rock should probably get a mention here as well as Ted Nugent. By the way, Nugent probably belongs more on the 10 Rock Stars Who Need a Hunting Show list anyway.

This list is post-seventies. I’m sure there are a lot of Doors haters and even Elvis wasn’t loved by everyone, but those were different times. Glorious drug experimenting times! Honorable mentions include Guns N’ Roses for the shenanigans of front man Axl Rose as well as the childish antics of Blink 182, a band that rode the coattails of the Green Day and Offspring “pop-punk” heyday. Neither made the list, but that’s only because there are ten bands that deserve our wrath even more.

We are looking at bands that have a tendency to push their music, way of life or style on us.  It’s not enough to passively dislike them. Have you ever not dated someone because they liked Nickelback? What if someone listed Bono as one of their biggest influences? Would you consider slapping this person? These may not be rational responses, but hating bands is tradition. These bands bring out the rage in many of us!

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