NFL Week 4 Trends and Picks


Last week was a very profitable week. Week 4 is when we start to know who is for real (see: Cincinnati) and who is a pretender (see: Green Bay), or at least not quite as good as we thought. Scanning through the games this week I have to say, Vegas is very close to where I was seeing the lines, except of course for a couple of games. That’s where we will make our money this week.

New York Giants at Washington (-3.5)

There is life in Washington and it’s in the form of Kirk Cousins. Feel free to reread that line because I’m not really buying it either; however, Washington at home against the hapless New York Giants is a good bet any day.

PICK: Washington (-3.5)

Miami at Oakland

Miami got beat pretty well by Kansas City so I guess it depends on your opinion on the Chiefs. Personally, I think they are one of the better teams in the AFC. Miami may not be in the same tier, but they are much higher in the ranking than Oakland.

PICK: Miami (-4.5)

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